Alexandre Vibert Vase (French, 1847-1909)

By mwilcox


This Art Nouveau style ewer vase is by Alexandre Vibert (French, 1847-1909). The Art Nouveau style was one of the shortest lasting in modern times, its design using organic forms such a whiplash vines, flowers organic curves, and depictions of ethereal female forms. The demand for it peaked about 1900, by the outbreak of World War One in 1914 it was already quickly going out of fashion. Some of the Vibert pieces were cast by E. Colin & Co., in Paris, it is the examples in pewter and bronze* that have a foundry mark along with the artist's name that are the most sought after, those without a foundry mark are thought to be unauthorized pieces patterned after his originals. There are pieces thought to be either in the “Style Of” Vibert or copies with his signature, but there is very little reference material about these pieces to determine authenticity. Currently at auction comparable Vibert pieces sell in the $400.00-700.00 range

* Please note, both bronze and pewter are quite durable and resistant to environmental concerns that can degrade antiques and collectibles made of wood, fabric or paper, but should be kept away from damp conditions that will cause corrosion. No attempt should be made to polish such pieces, the patina they develop is part of their value, destroyed if polished.