Antique Bishop & Stonier "Turkey Platter"

By mwilcox


The marking on this Antique platter is that of the Staffordshire pottery of Bishop and Stonier, used post 1891, the company operating until 1939. Bishop and Stonier, like many potteries in Staffordshire England produced large quantities of transferware pottery for the Export market . The Staffordshire area of England was the worlds largest producer of pottery for over 100 years, with virtually every form of pottery and ironstone being produced. The majority of Staffordshire's production was for the export market, which means dinner plates and platters like yours can be found from the Canadian Yukon to Tasmania.

The market for late Victorian pottery of this type ramped up during the 1980's and peaked in the early 1990's. Since that time demand and values for all but the rarest Victorian platters and has declined a great deal.In the current market comparable "Turkey Platters" by Bishop and Stonier now often sell at auction for less than $100.00