"Antique" Chippendale Chairs

By mwilcox


These mahogany chairs are in the Chippedale style, are not the genuine item, but are genuine antiques. Chairs of this type are in what's called the "Colonial Revival" style. Colonial Revival pieces are reproductions of the original American Colonial items originally produced from 1620-1780. The Chippendale originals were made during the mid 18th Century, reproductions like these were made in England and North America from the late 19th Century and into the 1930’s.The style reached its peak of popularity when this set was made during the first quarter of the 20th Century.

These chairs now are antiques by the mere passing of time, and like the originals are subject to damage from environmental changes, humidity being the most problematic. Wood continually shrinks and examples with changes in moisture level, eventually cause glue joints to fail, warping and cracking. Such damage will of course have a great effect on the value of these Revival examples, so check carefully before offering to purchase. In terms of value, the better quality examples like this set of six can go at auction in the $1000.00- $1500.00 range.