Antique Erotic Bronze

By mwilcox


Antique Risque bronze pieces like this can be found in every period of history, some items date back to Antiquity, with examples being found in early tombs and archeological excavations of most world cultural sites. Mass production of them began to appear in the Victorian era, notably the last quarter of the 19th Century. Bronze Decorative Arts items are generally left to develop a dark brown patina, or have one artificially applied as part of their design and polishing pieces like this is not recommended.

This cold painted erotic bronze figure of a dancer dates from late 19th Century and is by Franz Xavier Bergmann (Austrian 1838 - 1894).  Pieces like this are not generally produced in large numbers, and unless they carry a maker's mark or have been identified through a provenance or catalog to a particular maker determining an origin can be difficult. In the current market a comparable figure to this one in bronze by Bergmann would sell at auction in the $900.00- $1500.00 range.