Antique Franklin "Car Mascot"

By mwilcox


Car "Mascots" like this one were actually functional items, originally they were a fancy cap for a car's radiator. This one dates from the 1920's, but unlike other cars of the period it was only mounted on the hood for show, as the car it was designed for was air cooled and did not require a radiator to cool hot engine fluids. This one designed by Gleb Derujinsky, (Russian/American, Bronxville, NY, 1888-1975) for the 1926 Franklin Automobile, a Luxury car on par with modern cars such Mercedes, Bentley and Rolls Royce. The Franklin used an air cooled engine and didn't need a radiator, but styles being what the were, Franklins were fitted with false radiators during the 1925 year models.

There is an active collector group for car mascots, with values being determined by rarity and condition some of the rarer examples sell in the tens of thousands of dollars. The Franklin mascots are not considered that rare, but still often sell at auction for over $150.00.

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