Antique Gothic Revival Furniture

By mwilcox


This is Antique late 19th Century Continental Gothic style piece, based on original cupboards made during the 1500's. The Gothic style has gone through a number of revivals, the biggest being during the mid early to mid Victorian era (1849-60). Such pieces often used carving reminiscent of what was found in Gothic castles and cathedrals, like gargoyles, human figures, faces and foliage.

Most like this example were produced in Belgium and France before World War One, primarily in walnut or oak. These pieces tend to look far older than they really are because the same construction methods and tools were use to make them as the originals. Heavily carved pieces like this one are very prone to damage from rapid swings in humidity, which will cause cracking and warping of panels and doors. Older Pieces from Europe also tend to harbor wood boring insects, which leave traces of sawdust like powder around the base and underneath. If there is any sign of this the piece will need to be fumigated. Values for these larger pieces is not what they were back in the late 1990's, in the current market at auction one comparable to this would sell at auction in the $500.00-$800.00 range.