Antique Pine Crib

By mwilcox


This antique crib is made of pine, possibly with basswood as a secondary wood. Most like this one look older than they really are, often being the work of rural cabinet makers Circa 1820-1850. The construction technique used on this piece is called “"Mortise and Tenon", the cross pieces held together with wooden pins driven through the leg sections top and bottom. Often no glue was used in this type of construction.

Originally such pieces would have been brightly painted, the painted finishes becoming victims of the “Natural finish” craze of the 1970's & 80's. Bare wood needs some sort of finish to check warping and cracking that occurs due to seasonal changes in humidity and temperature. Even a coat of paste wax will often some protection from this if applied twice a year. Values for examples that have been stripped is considerably less than those with their original finish intact, currently at auction a comparable piece would sell in the $150.00- $250.00 range.