Antique RCA Radiola X Radio

By mwilcox


The Radiola X model was made by RCA in 1924, some 14,000 of this model were made. It originally sold for 245.00 ( tubes included) a huge sum for the times, and quite a bit more expensive than those by its competitors. It was different than many available at the time, being self contained and with an internal speaker. When RCA released this radio it was a turning point for the company, after a major drop in radio sales, forced them to develop a superior product, better marketing strategies and bring out more affordable models.

Old radio chassis of this vintage are seldom in any condition to operate, the circuits requiring a complete rebuild due to corrosion and burned out parts. Such restoration will only improve a radios value, as none working examples are often only worth what the cabinet will bring. The Radiola X however is a quite rare machine, few sell for under $500.00, even at auction when recognized for what they are.