Antique Rococo Revival Style Bed

By mwilcox


This antique bed is a Victorian Rococo Revival style example, made circa 1870. These were primarily produced in the Northeast USA and Southern Ontario, Canada. Beds like this were generally part of a larger bedroom set that would have included a dresser, wardrobe, washstand and nightstand. From the images the wood type this one appears to be walnut, one of the top three types used for furniture made during this period, the others being mahogany and rosewood.

Values for all types of Victorian furniture have taken a tumble in recent years, values for them depends a great deal on the maker, quality of the carving and overall condition, with identifiable pieces by big name makers such as Herter Brothers, Belter, J.W Meeks or Jacques & Hay topping the list. These better quality examples have fared better in terms of value compared to lesser quality pieces. In the current market a good quality one like this, but maker unknown, would sell at auction in the $800.00- $1200.00 range.