Antique Tiles

By mwilcox


Ceramic tiles can date back to Ancient Greece and Egypt and can be found as decorative items in most every major culture in the world. Up until the mid 19th Century most were hand made and decorated, hand made tiles are still available, but the majority today are mass produced items with stenciled or molded decoration.

The marking on this one is actually for the symbol “PHI” in the Greek alphabet. I have no data for a company using that marking, but based on the images of backs it would appear that these tiles are relatively modern, unlikely predating the turn of the late 19th Century. Values for individual tiles can vary considerably depending on subject matter, vintage and condition. The scenic tiles are similar to those made by the famous Minton's company in the the 1880's-1900, but the marking on these is not one used by them. Values for such tiles depend a great deal on vintage, subject matter and the maker, but even tiles like these can go at auction for over $50.00 each.

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