Antique Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machines

By mwilcox


Wheeler & Wilson treadle sewing machines were one of the first domestic labor saving devices to be mass produced in the modern sense of the term. They were such a breakthrough that every family that could afford one, bought one. This company had been at the forefront of sewing machine design since the 1850's and held several patents. Once these patents began to run out toward the late 1800's, several competitors producing lower cost machines sprung up and the company lost the advantage.

They were bought out by the Singer company in Circa 1904.“Singer”, the best known maker of sewing machines was selling over a million a year by the late 19th century. This one is late 19th Century machine by Wilson and Wheeler, made before the company became part of the Singer sewing machine company. What this means is very few of these treadle machines are considered rare or very valuable and still exist in huge numbers world wide. Values for them remain very modest at this time, most sell at auction for less than $100.00.