Arnaldo Giannelli Sculptures

By mwilcox


The artist that created this silver Owl is Arnaldo Giannelli, ( Italian , born 1907) a master sculpture, primarily working in stone. Giannelli graduated from the Royal School of Art and in 1944 opened his own studio, much of his work was for the Allied Forces. He was named the president of the "Alabaster Craftsman Guild" from 1953 until 1961. Among his better known works was a bust of Dwight D Eisenhower and a bust of the President of Kenya. he was awarded the title of "Cavaliere della Repubblica" in 1970 for his professional achievements in the Fine Arts field.

His models have been cast in a number of mediums such as bronze silver and bonded alabaster and marble (a resin and powdered stone mix). These busts affixed with his signature cover everything from Egyptian Spinx’s to Composers like Bach, Beethoven and Chopin. These pieces are all made from molds, and while not mass produced, they are made in large numbers for the Decorator market . His company, called “Egregia” is still in operation, operated by his son Alfo. As far as we know these silvered pieces are a type of silver overlay and not solid silver. While this owl looks very impressive it's value in the current market is quite modest with comparables selling at auction for about $100.00.