Bicentennial Furniture

By mwilcox


During the run up to the celebration of an anniversary type event like the Bicentennial of 1976 huge number of items are produced to fill the demand caused by that celebratory fever. Most such events, such as the anniversary of the birth or death of a famous President generally produce smaller decorative or collectible items such as historical prints, badges, ribbons and medals. For larger events such as the Bicentennial, the demand for items in the style genuine 18th Century items, including furniture is so large manufacturers are quick to take advantage of the demand.

Furniture made for the Bicentennial was designed to resemble original American Colonial pieces, but used modern techniques and material to produce them. Unlike the originals, these were all factory made items, the carvings, trim and joints machine made. While there was a great demand for furniture like this that lasted right into the late 1980's, demand and values for it now are modest. Currently comparable suites of furniture of this type now often sell at auction for less than $1000.00.