"Blond" Cabinet

By mwilcox


Based on the images this does indeed appear to be a post World War Two piece. The market for “Blond furniture” this type is just starting to warmup, but mainly in the larger urban centers. Blond furniture of this type had its roots in Art Deco and German Bauhaus designs of the 1930's. The woods used, often mahogany, oak or maple, were actually dyed blond like hair, but using very high strength peroxide that would require heavy rubber gloves to apply. Quite often a blond toner stain would be used to heighten the effect and sealed with a lacquer finish.

Modern furniture of this era and type tends to be quite durable, but if it is damaged it is very difficult to restore or match the blond finish short of refinishing the entire piece. Pieces like this tend to be constructed using a great deal of man made woods such as solid core plywood, so it is not as prone to warping and cracking that solid wood pieces are subject to with seasonal humidity changes. Values for it tend to fluctuate a great deal depending on the local market demand. Most furniture manufacturers had a line of it, without a label it's difficult to narrow down a specific maker. Currently one like this at auction would selling the $500.00- $700.00 range.