"Cased Glass"

By mwilcox


Cased glass of this type is often attributed to the Fenton, Phoenix or Consolidated Glass companies, but we have no reference sources to verify that for this piece. This piece though would be closest to examples by Fenton than the other two. Cased glass such as this was produced during the late 19th Century by a great many of the large glass companies on both sides of the Atlantic ocean, as well as smaller independent Studios as “Art Glass". Ruffled Victorian glassware has also been reproduced since the 1950's. Very little glass of this type in either vintage has much in the way of company markings, most of the reproduction pieces having foil or paper labels which are removed after sale or have simply fallen off over time.

Values for Victorian and Victorian style glassware peaked in the late 1990's, along with demand for other Victorian style decorating items and furniture. Since the turn of the 20th Century values and demand for all but the rarest of this type of glassware has been in decline. How long this trend will continue is unknown. In the current market comparable examples to this one tend to sell in the $50.00- $125.00 range.