Caterpillar Brass Paper Clip

By mwilcox


Based on the images this piece post dates 1925. Research on the “THE HUBBARD-FLOYD CO.” company shows that they were a heavy machinery company located in Brooklyn, NY at Sedgewick Ave and 167th Street , circa 1921-30. The company whose stamp is on the clip, “Robbins Company of Attleboro, MA” was established in 1892 by Charles Robbins, a well known jeweler in Attleboro, MA.

The dozer depicted on this brass clip appears to be a Caterpillar Sixty Horsepower tractor crawler first made Circa 1919. It was considered the world's first successful bulldozer. It was built by the C.L.Best Company of California, which merged in 1925 with the Holt Company to form the company we now know as “Caterpillar”. In the current market a clip like this could sell at auction in the $80.00- $100.00 range.