Cheap Japanese Bookends? Maybe Not.

By mwilcox


Many Collectors tend specialize over time, choosing to filter down to items that are unusual and spur the hunt. One such item are Rookwood bookends and paperweights. They often sell unidentified for far less than they are worth because they often resemble cheaper Japanese pottery made during the 1950's. Rookwood, primarily noted for it's decorative hand painted vases also produced a lot of unusual bookends, paperweights and figural pieces.

Most are not always as expensive or rare as some of the vases, but values for some are very surprising. While some of the less rare bookends can go at auction for less than $100.00, but some pairs have sold for as much as $8500.00 in recent years. This pair of of model number 6417 Coromandel Glaze Turkey bookends designed by Arthur Conant in 1933 sold for $3200.00 this past year, so it pays to keep one's eyes open when viewing the Nick Knack table at your local auction.