Chippendale Style Pie Crust Table

By mwilcox


"Pie crust" tables of this type are often described as far older than they really are, because they were designed to resemble examples made in the mid 1700s and are mistaken for them. They are of a type now called the "Colonial Revival" style. Colonial Revival pieces are reproductions of the original American Colonial furniture in English styles from William & Mary to Chippendale originally produced from 1620-1780. Most of the best examples of these reproductions are constructed of solid mahogany or walnut, the lesser quality examples in maple with walnut or mahogany veneers.

This one is based on the Chippendale style, first popular during the third quarter of the 18th century. Examples like this one tend to date from the second quarter of the 20th century when demand for furniture of this type reached its peak. Today values for these pieces depends on their quality of construction, how close they follow original designs, and their overall condition. Some are almost exact copies, handmade and now antiques by the simple passage of time, but most like the one shown are mass produced machine made examples that often go at auction for less than $275.00.