Chuck Oberstein Clowns

By mwilcox


Chuck Oberstein (1935-2002) was an American painter, best known for his paintings of clowns. Chuck was born in East Los Angeles, but he painted in Europe for years. He worked in both oil and acrylic, and used live models including many family members as themselves and as clowns. His original art can be seen in prints, lithographs, posters, cards, figurines, and collector plates around the world. Chuck put the number "442" in his paintings, sometimes in plain view, other times hidden away, it was a reference to where he first began to paint after his return from Europe, 442 Ackley St. Monterey Park, CA. For many years this was a mystery, he left collectors to guess what the "442" referred to.

His works have been featured in many one-man shows in the U.S. and abroad, his work widely reproduced as prints, lithographs, and limited-edition plates . The "Wall Street Clown" shown above was originally painted in 1981 is a favorite, depicting a sad Clown reading the bad news in the Wall Street Journal that the "Dingaling Sisters Circus" has been closed by the stockholders. The original sold for $2000.00 in 2011.