Dating By Country of Origin- Israel

By mwilcox


One of the most asked questions about any item brought to an appraiser is "How old is this?" This question comes up because many owners are convinced that the older an item is, the more valuable it must be. In many cases age has little bearing on the value and is only one aspect of appraising an item's value. The piece above is an interesting case because there is a very definite way to determine its maximum age without much doubt with just one look and no knowledge of antiques or collectibles at all. All that's required for this is some knowledge of modern history and geography.

This set of bronze book ends made by "Dayagi" is marked "Made in Israel." Items marked “Israel” or “made in Israel” are easy to determine the earliest possible production date for, as the State of Israel as a country did not exist before May 14, 1948. Therefore anything marked made in Israel will postdate mid-1948. "Dayagi" has produced a wide variety of modern design menorahs, bookends, coasters, and trivets. We have no information on the company, but products with this company name regularly appear in the secondary and auction markets. Most appear to date from the 1950s through '60s, values for the menorahs by this company are still modestly priced, Comparable pieces to this set of bookends often go at auction for about $100.00