David Sobotka Studio Glass

By mwilcox


Limited production pieces like this come under the heading of “Studio” or “Art Glass”, their value being determined by the fame of the maker and current decorating trends. David Sobotka was born in Jablonec nad Nisou (Czech Republic) in 1975. He studied glass at the secondary glassmaking school in Kamenicky Senov, majoring in design and painted glass. Shortly after graduating he became the personal assistant to Borek Sipek, the famous Czech designer and the Architect of Prague Castle. Currently he's listed as working with Ajeto Glass in the Czech Republic in marketing and public relations.

According to our references for this piece the half-circle bowl was hand blown into a wooden mold that was especially designed by the craftspeople at Ajeto (the workshop where this collection is made) just for these pieces. After the half circle portion is completed, all the other blue components are added to the piece while it is still hot. At the same time, additional artisans hand shape the "fingers" from clear hot glass. When all the parts have cooled over night, the "fingers" were applied to the blue bowl by hand using an ultra-strong ultraviolet glass adhesive.

Values for studio glass vary a great deal, with marked and signed examples selling for a good deal more than comparable unmarked examples by unknown makers. In the current market at auction one comparable to this piece could sell in the $300.00- $500.00 range.