Dixon Phillips & Co. Transferware Plate

By mwilcox


Based on the images and the markings on this piece, it's an example of English pottery, of a type mainly produced in the Staffordshire region. From the turn of the 18th Century until the early 1950's this area of England was the largest producer of earthenware and ironstone pottery in the world. Examples like this one are what's known as "transferware", the design being applied much like a stencil. The designs were often historical views of foreign countries, scenes of famous battles and people.

Dixon Phillips & Co. used this mark circa 1830-50 . While not mass produced in the modern sense of the term, pottery like this was produced in large numbers for the Export market. Transferware like this peaked in value during the early 1990's, along with the demand for other Victorian era decorative items. Demand and values for transferware has declined a great deal since then, currently a comparable plate to yours would sell in the $65.00- $100.00 range.