Eastlake Desk

By mwilcox


This desk appears to date 1875-85 and is loosely based on the Eastlake Style, first popularized by Charles Eastlake in his book "Hints on Household Taste" in 1868. Desks like this were made right up to the 1890's, but in oak, birch or maple the earlier examples were made in mahogany and walnut. We are not able to detemine the wood type in the images provided. While not mass produced in the modern sense of the term they were made in rather large numbers, unless they carry label or tag it's impossible to determine a maker.

Desks like this one are very prone to damage from rapid swings in humidity, which will cause cracking and warping of panels and drawers. They can also harbor wood boring insects, which leave traces of sawdust like powder around the base and underneath. If there is any sign of this the piece will need to be fumigated. Values for them depend a great deal on their condition, those in need of restoration and repair selling for a good deal less than one in very good original condition or restored. Currently one like this in good condition would go at auction in the $500.00- $700.00 range.