Eli Harvey Bronze

By mwilcox


The sculptor who designed this bronze, Eli Harvey (1860-1957), was born in Ogden, Ohio. He originally studied at the Art Institute of Cincinnati in 1884. He apprenticed under both John Noble and Louis Renisso after his graduation, and in 1889 furthered his education as a student of Emmanuel Fremiet in Paris. Harvey's work was exhibited at the Paris Salon and was very well received by the critics.

Harvey returned to America in 1900 and opened his own studio in New York City. His work was based on animals that he had modeled at the zoos of Paris and New York. Harvey is best known  for the bear mascot he produced for Brown University and a bronze elk for The Order of Elks. It's evident Eli's work was very influenced by his time at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, it has more the look of his Parisian contemporaries than anything made in North America at the time. The original bronzes that he produced after 1900 are easier to spot than that of most sculptors of the period. They were cast by just two companies, the Roman Bronze Works and the Gorham Co. The one above was cast in 1907 by Roman Bronze Works, comparable examples often sell at auction for about $1,000.00