Empire Pier Table

By mwilcox

EmpirepierBased on the image this is an Empire style "Pier Table" of a type popular circa 1825. Most like this are simplified versions made by Cabinet makers in smaller cities, based on more elaborate examples made in the larger urban setting like Boston or New York. The style originated in and takes its name from the rule of Napoleon I, known as the First French Empire, where it was intended to idealize Napoleon's leadership and the French state.

The style corresponds to the Biedermeier style in the German-speaking lands, the Federal style in the United States and to the Regency style in Britain. The Empire style was popular throughout Europe and in the USA from about 1815 to 1840 when it was supplanted by Victorian Revival styles. The style is not currently in vogue and values have been in decline for pieces like this since the 1990's. In the current market an Empire piece like this one would sell in the $400.00- $800.00 range at auction.