Federal Revival Games Table

By mwilcox


Based on the images this piece is in the Federal Revival Style. Federal Revival pieces are reproductions of the original American Federal items first produced from 1780-1830. This one is a nice 1920's reproduction in the "Sherton Style", named after Thomas Sheraton. Sheraton was a English designer whose pattern book 'The Cabinet Maker's and Upholsterer's Drawing Book' was used by a number of American Cabinetmakers active during the Federal period, from the 1790's through the turn of the 18th Century. Sheraton is really only known for his design book, there is no existing furniture that can be traced back to him as a Cabinetmaker.

Values for Federal Revival pieces depend a great deal on wood type, how close they follow the originals in design and their current condition. This one is a fine example compared to most of the revival pieces, at auction this Sheraton Style Games table would sell in the $350.00- $500.00 range.