French Gothic Chair

By mwilcox


Gothic Style chairs of this type are extraordinarily difficult to evaluate from images, as chairs in this style have had several revivals in popularity. Most examples of this type are 19th Century Continental pieces originating from Italy or France. Most were used as hall chairs at the front entrances of homes, generally in pairs. Furniture of this type had it's biggest revival during the Victorian era from the 1840's through the 1880's. Most of it is a mix of Gothic and Renaissance style furniture from France and Italy.

European pieces should be inspected for evidence of wood beetles, which will honeycomb furniture with small holes, leaving telltale signs of sawdust underneath and around the legs of furniture. Any indication of such insect damage will require the services of a professional exterminator. Some pieces in this style were made in North America, but due to higher manufacturing costs were generally far less ornate. Values for them vary depending on the their current condition and the quality of the carving, French examples like this one tend to sell at auction in the $500.00- $700.00 range.