General Electric 'Monitor Top' Refrigerator

By mwilcox


This is one of the rarer of the famous General Electric 'Monitor Top' refrigerator made circa 1927-35. The GE Monitor top was based on a French design for a hermetically sealed refrigeration system, the entire system as one unit and totally enclosed on the top of the fridge.

General Electric introduced the first 'Monitor Top' models to the general public in 1927, first in single door models, then two and even three door units. Except for some minor cosmetic changes the design remained the same until 1936, the double door examples are considered rare and sell for a good deal more then the smaller single door models. In the current market Double Door Monitor Tops in unrestored condition sell in the $1500.00- $2500.00 range, but often have retail values in totally restored condition of over $10,000.00