Hans Achtziger Eagle

By mwilcox


The designer of this piece was Hans Achtziger, (1918-2003) , he was head of the Art department of the Hutschenreuther AG from 1961, becoming the Director of Hutschenreuther AG from 1970-81. The original Hutschenreuther company was founded by Karl Magnus Hutschenreuther circa 1814, in Bavaria, Germany. The company was originally set up as decorating studio, and did not begin production of its own patterns until 1822. Magnus's son, Lorenze Hutschenreuther, split off his own porcelain factory in 1857 in another German city, Selb.

Selb would eventually become a center for porcelain manufacturing in Germany much like Limoges in France and Staffordshire in England. Hutschenreuther was absorbed by the Rosenthal company in 2000, since then survives only as a Rosenthal trademark. The marking on this one was used from about 1970-85. Currently at auction this figure sells at auction in the range $300.00- $450.00 range