"Helm's Bakery" Bread Wrapper

By mwilcox


Items like this "Helm's Bakery" bread wrapper holder tend to be more curiosities than valuable collectibles. The Helms Bakery in Culver City, California was a notable industrial bakery of Southern California that operated from 1931 to 1969. Helms Bakery was the "official baker" of the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Early Helms vehicles sported the Olympic symbol, and it also appeared on, and was mentioned in , the Helms logo on the bread wrappers .

Even though these were fitted to Helm's bakery delivery trucks, fixtures like this tend to be classed as “General store” memorabilia, along with display counters, dye & spool cabinets and brass cash registers. However, values for wrapping paper dispensers tend to be rather modest in the current market, after peaking in the early 1990's. In the current market a comparable wrapper holder would sell at auction for about $50.00