Ignác Fischer/Zsolnay Sleigh

By mwilcox


This wonderful piece most certainly is a late 19th-century example by Ignác Fischer. Fischer originally trained at his father’s pottery in Tata-Tóváros, Hungary. Fischer founded his own studio at Budapest in 1864, and originally he decorated whiteware china from other potteries, beginning production of his own pieces by 1867. Fischer specialized in highly decorated ornamental pottery, often with a lattice-like piercing, as can be seen on this piece. His pottery made pieces for both the domestic Austrian/Hungarian market and for export.

Fischer’s work was well received, winning awards at the Hungarian Exposition of 1885. Success was short lived, though, as his company was absorbed by its rival, the Zsolnay factory, located in Pécs in southwest Hungary. At auction, a comparable piece by Fischer or his rival Zsolnay would sell at auction in the $500.00- $700.00 range