Isidore Jules Bonheur (1827 - 1901)

By mwilcox

BullThis piece's original title was “ Taureau Chargeant” ( A Pacing Bull) sculpted by Isidore Jules Bonheur . It was first cast by the Peyrol foundry Circa 1865 and some sold through Tiffany & Co. Like a great many pieces by Isidore Bonheur (1827 - 1901) , it has been widely reproduced, as have many pieces by well known French Sculptors of the 19th Century.

Isidore Jules Bonheur (1827 - 1901) was born on May 15th 1827 in Bordeaux, France. The Bonheur's were a well known family of artists. Isidore's in 1848 with his first Salon entry was a plaster study of an African Horseman attacked by a Lion in 1848. Isidore Bonheur exhibited in his sculptures at the Paris Salon and The Royal Academy in London. Almost all of his works were cast by Hippolyte Peyrol, whose foundry mark is extremely small difficult to find.With the exception of some very rare early examples, the original will have have the Peyrol foundry mark, the ones sold through Tiffany will have Tiffany & Co marks.

With bronzes like this we highly recommend having the piece physically appraised and fully examined to verify there are no foundry markings, as the Peyrol marking is very small and easily missed, genuine examples of Isidore Bonheur bronzes have sold for over $7,000.00 in recent years. Even the early 20th century copies are good investments, often going at auction in the $350.00- $750.00 range.