"JPL Limoge" Punch Bowl

By mwilcox


Based on the images, this Punch bowl with a green "The JPL France" mark is porcelain and dates from the turn of the 19th Century. The green "JPL France" mark was used c.1890-1932 by the Jean Pouyat Porcelain Factory, located in Limoges, France. Jean Pouyat came from a family that had been involved in the Porcelain business since the 1760’s. He started his own factory in 1842 .

Hand painted pieces like these are generally what's referred to as "Studio Pottery", getting it's name from the fact most pottery of this type was produced by small Decorating/Pottery studios between 1880 and World War One in both the USA and Europe. The porcelain decorated by these Studio's were purchased as undecorated "Blanks" from companies such as Pouyat and was generally referred to as "White ware". The largest center of production of undecorated blanks for this market was Limoges, France. Values for Limoge type floral ware peaked in the 1980's, demand has declined since that time. In the current market a comparable punch bowl now often sells for under $300.00.