Kaufmann & Strauss Signs

By mwilcox


Based on the image, this is a turn of the 19th century cigar sign. Signs like this were generally the property of the company that made the product advertised. Seldom were any of them returned when the product was no longer sold, or a newer display was issued. The company that made it, Kaufmann & Strauss, were well known for the production of tin signs like this from about 1890 through the 1930s.

Kaufmann & Strauss, produced signage in tin and paper under contract to a great many American icons, such as Budweiser, Iver Johnson, Moxie, Lowney's Chocolates, and many more. Most collectors like to see the signs in original condition, any restoration should be left to the experts, but general cleaning and waxing with automotive products will not hurt their value. Values depend a great deal on their condition and rarity, this one is not in the best of condition, most like this Bloch Brothers Tobacco sign tend to sell for less than $400.00