Labels tell a Tale

By mwilcox


Labels on items can tell us a lot regarding dates of production and can be a great help determining if one is looking at an older item or a later reproduction or " In the Style of " item . Such is the case with these chairs, they look like 1920's Art Deco wrought iron, but the label tells the tale. The manufacturer's label on this set uses a ZIP code, rather than a postal code, which means the set was made after ZIP codes were in effect (1963). One and two digit postal codes were used for U.S. mailing addresses from 1943 to 1963.

The other clue is the company name, "Antarenni Industries", a bit of reseach tells us that prior to 1969 this company was known as Antarenni Wrought Iron Manufacturing Corp., and appears to have closed up shop in the late 1970's. What all this adds up to is this set of chairs can date no earlier than 1969. In the current market later chairs of this type often sell at auction for less than $30.00 each