Mohlhenrich Sideboard

By mwilcox


Furniture made during the late 1920's through 30's is often a mixture of styles, Queen Anne to late 18th Century Georgian with a dash of Art Deco , in the case of this one William & Mary and Federal in a Deco form. This particular piece has a label from the Mohlhenrich Furniture Company. This company was founded by John George Mohlhenrich (1865 to 1941) born in Baltimore. At age eighteen he began working at the Reliable Furniture Company, buying the firm circa 1893 and renaming it as Mohlhenrich Furniture Company.

Furniture like this was mass produced, values for it vary a great deal, depending on the marker, quality of construction and condition. Furniture made during this period was not often the best of quality, companies facing tight profit lines during the Great Depression years (1929-39) cut corners and these pieces are prone to loose veneer and poor quality finishes. At auction a comparable example to this one now often sell for less than $250.00.