"Moser Style" Glass

By mwilcox


Vases like these are often attributed to Moser, as Moser was the best known maker of glass of this type. Truth be told Moser was just one of many glass-makers producing gold and enamel glassware like this.  Glassware of this type is often called "Bohemian Glass", getting its name from it main place of production, Eastern Europe and Bohemia in particular. Bohemia was one of the most prolific manufacturing centers, once an independent nation and now part of the Czech Republic. Bohemian glass makers were known not only for the quality and afford ability of their products, but for being in tune with what different markets around the world were interested in. While not mass produced in the modern sense it was made in very large numbers for the export market during the turn of the 19th Century. Being hand blown the vast majority of glass of this type is unmarked, or the markings are undocumented.

 Quite often this glass ware was marked with a paper or foil label which has long since been removed or worn off. Some older glassware is subject to cracking due to internal stresses in the blown glass, for this reason glassware of this type should never be machine washed or exposed to very hot water. In regards to value for pieces like this, it varies a great deal depending on the quality of the decoration, one of this quality could go at auction in the $300.00- $500.00 range.