Movie Posters and Memorabilia

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It seems the market is still going strong for Movie Posters and Memorabilia, at least at the upper end of the market. At recent auctions some posters have easily surpassed their pre-sale estimates by sizable percentages. A rare movie poster from one of my favorite Films , "Casablanca" sold for almost twice its estimate of $60,000, being hammered down at $107,550.00 at a Heritage Auctions sale on March 23-24.


This movie poster was a very rare example, a Casablanca Six Sheet and just one of two known. Other highlights of the sale were a Frankenstein Lobby Card from the 1931 classic movie that pulled down $38,837.00 and a one sheet poster for MGM's 1932 film "Tarzan the Ape Man" for $65,725.00 and couple of RKO's Classic "King Kong" posters going for $35,850.00 and $26,290.00.

Even movie posters for animation classics such as "Mickey Mouse" and " Superman" did very well, a 1932 Mickey Mouse poster went for $26,680 and a stock Paramount/Fleisher Studios Superman poster from 1941 went for 23,900.00. For those fans of Bela Lugosi, a 1938 reissue poster for Universal's "Dracula" sold for $20,315.

Generally when we see an upswing in values like this, it can indicate an improving market, and drags even rarer examples out of the woodwork that have not seen the light of day for many years. It also tends to raise values of more common examples when these rarer examples climb well out of the "Memorabilia" market and into the "Investment Grade" range, knocking elbows with "Old Masters" and "Modern Art". One negative that does seem to occur when markets surge for Antiques and Collectibles is the inevitable arrival of reproductions. It's important to know who you are buying from and what their track record is for providing authentications, provenances and refunds. Where the market goes from here, up or down, we'll have to wait and see.

Mike Wilcox
Wilcox & Hall Appraisers