Nostalgia & Values for Collectibles and Antiques

By mwilcox


Often what can drive values up is pure nostalgia, the most modern occurrence appeared in the 1980's as nostalgic Baby Boomers came into their "Productive Years" and bought up the memories of their childhood. Things like Coke machines, Lone Ranger lunch buckets, comic books, Baseball/Hockey cards and hundreds of other memories of childhood days rapidly ramped up in value as demand began to exceed supply. As the demand for such nostalgia began to top with $11,500 Superman lunch buckets, $600.00 Kool Aid Jugs and $20,000 juke boxes, Dealers were forced to dig ever deeper into the attics, basements, and barns of the nation to fill the need for post war relics relics.

Booms don't last though, by the late 1990's it was just about over, Boomers, now saddled with Mortgages, teen-aged children and car payments collectively began to sell off their prized possessions at a discount as values for all but the rarest of Post War collectibles began to drop in value. Today a great many of these once sought after items now sell at 50% of their peak values, a lesson that values don't always go up for antiques and collectibles.