Oak Empire Revival Table

By mwilcox


This Oak table is in the “Empire Revival” style. Empire Revival furniture are turn of the 19th Century reproductions of original American Empire period pieces made 1815-35, primarily patterned after designs from John Hall's 1840 book "The Cabinet Maker's Assistant" which contained 198 plates of furniture designs in the late Empire style.

The original American Empire style had it's roots in France, Circa 1798, after Napoleon returned from his Egyptian campaign, bringing along with him archaeological artifacts collected in Egypt by scholars accompanying the campaign. These discoveries and artifacts became the fashion in Europe, stylistic features such as caryatids, scarabs, sphinxes and winged lions being mixed architectural features from Ancient Greece and Rome adorning everything from clocks to porcelain.

While original Empire tables tended to be constructed of rosewood or mahogany with highly figured veneers, the reproduction dining-room tables were most often made of quartersawn white oak. At auction one like this would currently sell in the $300.00- $500.00 range.

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