Oriental Style Carved Furniture

By mwilcox


Heavily carved furniture like this has been made for the Export/Tourist Market since the turn of the 19th Century and remains in production to this day. The earlier examples tended to originate from China, and were heavily constructed of dark colored hardwoods such as Hongmu. The Chinese examples tended to be carved with dragons, Immortals and other mythical creatures of Oriental folklore.

Most carved furniture like this piece were made after the 1920's, originating from other areas of South East Asia and the Philippines, brought back by Troops and sailors stationed in that part of the world during the Second World War, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. While they are impressive pieces of furniture, the demand for them in the secondary market is modest, as the design does not often fit with most modern decorating trends. In the current market a table like this one would sell at auction in the $500.00- $1000.00 range.