Paine Furniture Chippendale Mirror

By mwilcox


Based on the images this mirror appears to be Mahogany and is in the Colonial Revival Style. It's based on the designs of the famous English Cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale, whose design book titled 'The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker's Director' was widely used by leading American Cabinetmakers of the period. Based on the label attached to it, this mirror was made by the the Paine Furniture Company during the first quarter of the 20th Century. Paine Furniture was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1835 by Leonard Shearer.

Boston in 1835 was a small city, but with an expanding merchant base, including an established center of fine furniture production. By 1914, Paine Furniture Company had expanded greatly and was operating from a ten-story showroom and factory, the company is still owned and run by the Shearer family, though the name has since changed to Right Price Furniture. In the current market we would recommend a replacement value in the $275.00- $350.00 range