Queen Anne Revival Chairs

By mwilcox


Based on the images this set of 8 chairs are loosely based on Queen Anne furniture made in the North America during the 18th Century, generally referred to as "Queen Anne Revival". Pieces like this tend to date when the demand for furniture of this type peaked during the turn of the 19th Century through World War One (1914) . Furniture in this style was produced in very large numbers, with most furniture manufacturers producing a line of it into the early 1920's, including makers of radio and phonograph

Most of these chairs were made in quarter cut oak, but they were also made in maple, which was often given a faux oak finish. Interest in this type of furniture rose again in the 1980's along with the Antique/Victorian decorating trends until the 1990's. Demand and values have declined for Revival style furniture since the late 1990's. Large sets like this often now sell at auction in the $500.00- $800.00 range.