Reproduction Rococo Furniture

By mwilcox


Based on the images, this piece is in the Rococo Revival style, but is not a Victorian period original. It's in what's sometimes called “Victorian Revival”, pieces that are designed after Victorian originals, but made at a later date. Rococo furniture has gone through a number of revivals in popularity, most like this tend to be Continental pieces made between World Wars One & Two.

The last revival was during the 1980's when Victorian decorating was all the rage, pushing up values for genuine pieces to new highs, these newer examples made in the Far East, as the hand carving used on the reproductions was only possible because of the low wages paid in Southeast Asia and China. Values for Rococo furniture of all vintages began to decline in the 1990's and has not recovered to anywhere near their former levels. Currently at auction a comparable one to this now sell in the $150.00- $250.00 range

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