Royal Vienna Teapot

By mwilcox


This small teapot measures only 4 inches in height and is in the style of 19th Century Royal Vienna porcelain. The "Beehive" marking on it is generic to a number of German and Austrian companies producing pieces copying the work or the original Royal Porcelain works that the Austrian Royalty owned and operated from 1744 until it closed in 1864. The original demand for porcelain of this type with painted portraits of Royalty and famous people was very strong until the end of the 19th Century, and peaked again 100 years later during the 1980's.

Many of these pieces in this style are of high quality, with hand painted portraits and buccolic 18th Century scenes, which can bring high values. It is not uncommon for the better portrait plates depicting Victorian beauties in this style to sell for over $1500.00. They do however require a close examination, as some later mass produced examples use transfer printed designs in their decoration. This teapot is one of the nicer ones, at auction a comparable one would sell for over $250.00.