'Shop of the Crafters' Grandfather Clock

By mwilcox

Shopgothic Clock

The Shop of the Crafters was best known for its Mission style pieces, but like many companies it was not the only line they produced. The Shop of the Crafters was opened in 1904 by Oscar Onken (1888- 1948) .The business first appears in the 1905-1906 Cincinnati city directory, located at Fourth and Park streets. The Shop advertised itself as "Makers of Arts and Crafts Furniture”, but also produced a limited number of pieces in other styles such as Chippendale and Gothic.

This clock is in the Gothic Revival style, it's not known how many were actually produced, but they have seldom become available for sale in the last ten years. This indicates that production numbers must have been quite small. Some references suggest this model was made 1904-5 , the clock movement itself was not so exotic, a pretty standard eight-day chain wind movement with a half-hour strike found in most long case clocks of the period.

Determining a value for low production items in other styles by well known makers of Arts & Crafts/Mission Furniture is very difficult. Their value is best determined by placing such pieces in a well advertised Specialist Auction with a high reserve, one like this would have a Replacement value in the $3500.00- $4500.00 range.