Smith & Watson Chairs

By mwilcox


This pair of chairs may look late 18th Century, but are actually modern 20th Century Reproductions by Smith & Watson. Since 1907 Smith & Watson has long been regarded as a premier manufacturer of the highest quality traditional furniture. They are noted for their pieces from the Golden Age of furniture making, based on the designs of Chippendale, Sheraton, Hepplewhite, and other Georgian period furniture makers.

Values for reproduction furniture like this depends a great deal on the quality of construction, how close they follow the original designs and their current condition. Generally pieces of this quality have quite high original retail values, but lose a great deal of that value as soon as they leave the furniture showroom floor. That said, those made by makers such as Smith & Watson do hold their value far better than the mass produced pieces by larger furniture conglomerates. At auction a comparable pair of chairs by Smith & Watson could sell at auction in the $600.00- $800.00 range.