Sterling Silver Hermes Pen

By mwilcox


High end silver and gold pens like these two by Tiffany and Hermes are highly collectible items. Hermes is of course a very well known French high fashion house, they specializes in a wide variety of products, from clothing to perfume. The pens are part of their fashionable accessories line for purses, agenda's and desk sets. Hermes continues to operate and even expand. As of 2008 Hermes had 14 divisions retailing menswear, footwear , perfume, woman’s clothing and jewelry. The company now operates over 20 boutiques in the United States. Hermes can name Elizabeth Hurley, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore and Elle MacPherson among their current customers, as well many famous past stars of film such as Grace Kelly.

Sterling silver pens like this really only requires occasional polishing and any standard silver polish is safe to use, values for comparable Hermes pens at auction currently run in the $175.00- $250.00 range, but if the former property of a famous person can easily sell for ten times this amount.