"The Fleshly School of Poetry"

By mwilcox

The Fleshly School Of Poetry10

With books values are determined by the fame of the Author, the edition of it and it's rarity. This one was originally published a pamphlet, which at some point has been bound into a book. It was written by Robert Buchanan (1841-1901) and he touched off one of the most celebrated literary controversies of the nineteenth century with this one.  Buchanan printed this originally under a pseudonym, "Thomas Maitland" in the Contemporary Review in October 1871. His authorship was quickly known. He expanded the essay and re-published it as a pamphlet in 1872 under the title "The Fleshly School of Poetry and Other Phenomena of the Day". In my opinion this one would be considered a bit rare, it would list with Antiquarian booksellers in the $850.00+ range.