"The Universe and Doctor Einstein"

By mwilcox


This book, "The Universe and Doctor Einstein" has been described as " an attempt - perhaps the most brilliantly successful of our time - to describe the universe as it now appears in the light of modern scientific and cosmological theory." The author of this book, Lincoln Kinnear Barnett (1909–1979) was a author as well as an editior who worked for Life Magazine for many years. His others books include "The World We Live In", and "The Treasure of Our Tongue". His book "The Universe and Doctor Einstein" was an attempt to be an average persons introduction to the theory of relativity.

With books, value is all about Rarity, Author, Edition and Condition, with signed first editions by famous authors in very good condition being the most sought after. Books should be kept out of direct sunlight and stored in dry conditions. Damp conditions with quickly cause books to develop mildew and mold causing discoloration and rot. Sadly then there was not much interest by the average person in this book and no blockbuster movie deals either, so values tend to be very modest even for First Editions in very good condition. This one is not a first edition, later printings like this in “fair” to “good” condition nearly always sell for under $20.00.